​For Parents

The conversations you have with your child about their career decisions are very valuable.

After all……you and your childs family are the most influential people in their lives.

Change is constant – embrace it!

Recognise that the world around you is constantly changing.

Be open to change and remain alert to new opportunities.


Learning is ongoing

Strive for continuous personal improvement.

Stay motivated by learning new skills and developing new talents.


Focus on the journey

Don't focus on one destination only.

Recognise that your career journey will be throughout your lifetime.

Appreciate and value each experience along the way.


Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart

Pursue your passion to find fulfilment.

Discover ways to combine your interests with career opportunities.


Access your allies

Rely on the support of your family, friends, mentors, colleagues and peers.

Career success can be a team effort.[1]


[1] http://www.realgame.ca/en/principles.html

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